University didactics

I am convinced that university teaching benefits from knowledge about competency-based course designs, teaching techniques, feedback methods, group dynamics, etc. It also benefits from reflecting on the role and (non-)responsibilities of teachers and students. That is why I enjoy attending workshops on university level educational methodology and engaging in debates about educational methodology. I am also keen on receiving and giving feedback from and to colleagues, respectively, via sitting in on classes; this helps a lot in reflecting and improving one’s teaching practice.

Apart from that, I did some research on educational methodology. Together with Daniel Milne-Plückebaum I worked on topics in critical thinking instruction. For more see here: www.insalawler.com/research-projects/

Supervision of term papers 

Current students find information about term papers here (in German): http://www.insalawler.com/hausarbeitenbetreuung

Teaching experience (as instructor with full responsibility)

        • Summer term 2019 (planned): Master seminar “Advanced topics in the philosophy of perception” with Peter Brössel (Ruhr-University Bochum)
        • Winter term 2018 (planned): Master seminar “Knowledge and concealed questions” (Ruhr-University Bochum)
        • Summer term 2017: Bachelor seminar “John Stuart Mill’s theoretical philosophy: Language, knowledge, inference” (translated title) (University of Duisburg-Essen)
        • Winter term 2016: Master seminar “Scientific explanations” (transl. t.) (U. of Duisburg-Essen)
        • Summer term 2015: Bachelor seminar “Knowledge and justification‘” (t. t.) (U. of Duisburg-Essen)
        • Winter term 2013:  Seminar (optional studies) “Introduction to philosophical argumentation theory” (t.t.) with Daniel Milne-Plückebaum (Bielefeld University)
        • Summer term 2013: Bachelor seminar “Introduction to modal logic” (t.t.) t. with D. Milne-Plückebaum (Bielefeld U.)
        • Winter term 2012: Seminar (optional studies) “Introduction to inductive logic” (t.t.) t. with D. Milne-Plückebaum (Bielefeld U.)
        • Summer term 2012: Seminar (optional studies) “Introduction to philosophical logic” (t.t.) t. with D. Milne-Plückebaum (Bielefeld U.)

Teaching experience (as tutor/teaching assistant)

          • Winter term 2010: Tutorials for “Formal Methods in Linguistics” (t.t.) (Bielefeld U.)
          • Summer term 2010 & Winter term 2010: Tutorials for “Logic for Philosophers” (t.t.) (Bielefeld U.)