Service to the profession

Workshops and conferences

Co-organizer of the workshop “Epistemology Seminar” (together with P. Brössel, B. Fitelson, Th. Raleigh); Speakers: L. Cassell, J. Dutant, A.-M. Eder, B. Fitelson, M. Lasonen-Aarnio, R. Pettigrew,  G. Schultheis, J. Spencer, S. Sturgeon; Bochum

Co-organizer of the workshop “The varieties of knowing how” (together with R. van Riel); Speakers: B. Brogaard, K. Farkas, L. Fletcher, St. Grimm, I. Lawler, D. Löwenstein, M. Masto, F. Morales, A. Nordmann; Universität Duisburg-Essen; Essen

Co-organizer of the second German interdisciplinary graduate conference in research on science and technology “Collaborative and shared knowledge in science and technology”; MCTS, Munich

Co-organizer of the workshop “Philosophical methods” (together with A.-M. Eder and R. van Riel); Speakers: M. Balcerak Jackson, D. Cohnitz, C. Dutilh Novaes, A.-M. A. Eder, E. Kitsik, H. Leitgeb, S. Lutz, C. Nimtz, M. Pinder, M. Weber, T. Williamson; KWI, Essen

Co-organizer of the first German interdisciplinary graduate conference in research on science and technology “Auf der Suche nach den Tatsachen – Interdisziplinäre Perspektiven auf die Materialität, Vielfalt und Flüchtigkeit wissenschaftlichen und technischen Wissens”; WZB, Berlin

Co-organizer of the Explanatory Power III-Workshop “Topics in Explanation, Dependence, and Understanding” (together with M. Hoeltje and R. van Riel); Speakers; K. Aizawa, C. Gillett, N. Haverkamp, V. Hoffmann-Kolss, N. Treanor, St. Roski, A. Steinberg, G. Tarziu; KWI, Essen

Member of the local organizing committee for the workshop “Towards a New Theory of Communication”; Universität Bielefeld, Bielefeld

Meetings and events

Co-organizer of the SWIP-Colloquium at DGPhil conference 2017 “The fair scale – A constructive attempt” (translated title) (together with Ch. Werner); Berlin

Co-organizer of the workshop “Negotiations at work” for female philosophers working in the Ruhr area (together with S. Coninx and D. Šešelja); Bochum

Co-organizer of the event “Gender bias in academia” (together with B. Krickel, J. Martens, D. Šešelja, and P. Willemsen); Bochum

Co-organizer of the annual meeting of the Interdisciplinary Network for Studies Investigating Science and Technology (“INSIST”); Berlin

since 2015
Organizer of the meetings of female philosophers working in the Ruhr area (1 meeting/term); Bochum

Co-organizer of the INSIST kickoff meeting; Bielefeld

Refereeing for journals

  • Philosophy of Science
  • International Studies in the Philosophy of Science

Networking & Mentoring

since 2015
Ambassador for the “Society for Women in Philosophy Germany”

Mentor in the mentoring program of Studienfonds OWL

2014  – 2016
Spokeswoman of INSIST

since 2013
Co-organizer of the co-founded INSIST


University politics (selection)

Deputy equal opportunities officer for the Departments of History, Philosophy and Theology, Bielefeld University

2009 – 2013
Student member of various university committees (i.a., equal opportunities committee, appointments committees)

Student council of the Philosophy Department (Bielefeld University);                                             2010 – 2013: Chair of student council

Promoting philosophy

Support of the exhibition “Reconsidered/Consulated. Philosophy with foresight” (transl. title) by the philosophy museum DenkWelten; Marburg

2012 – 2014
Interactive information events about studies in philosophy for pupils together with Daniel Milne-Plückebaum; Bielefeld